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Team Ninja's DC-Vault
The DC Vault is the place to compare your team's performance against others, the place to look out for when you plan your next taunting fest, the place you can refer others to and brag about how devilishly high ranked your team is ... or not.

BOINC Projects
Member Stats
Team Stats
Team ID / Number
Seti@Home Seti@Home Members Seti@Home Teams Join CPDN Members CPDN Teams Join
Einstein@Home E@H Members E@H Teams Join
Predictor@Home P@H Members P@H Teams Join
LHC@Home LHC@Home Members LHC@Home Teams Join
Team Name:
US-Distributed Computing
Rosetta@home R@H Members R@H Teams Join
SZTAKI Desktop Grid No-Team SZTAKI Teams No-Team
PrimeGrid No-Team PrimeGrid Teams No-Team
World Community Grid      
XtremLab No-Team XtremLab Teams No-Team
B.U.R.P. BURP Members BURP Teams Join
uFluids No Members uFluids Teams Join
The Lattice Project Not Public Not Public Not Public
Orbits@Home Not Public Not Public Not Public
SIMAP@Home SIMP@Home Members SIMP@Home Teams Join

Other Projects
Member Stats
Team Stats
Team ID / Number
Seventeen or Bust SoB Members SoB Teams Us-Distributed CPDN Members CPDN Teams Join
RC5-72 RC5-72 Members RC5-72 Teams US-Distributed - #28525
OGR 25 OGR Members OGR Teams US-Distributed - #28525
GIMPS GIMPS Top Producers US-Distributed
Chess Brain Not Public Not Public Not Public
EULER Top Members Top Teams US-Distributed
EON EON Members EON Teams US-Distributed
DPAD DPAD Members DPAD Teams [US-Distributed]
Folding@Home F@H Members F@H Teams 13180
TSC Project TSC Members TSC Teams US-Distributed
D2OL D2OL Members D2OL Teams US-Distributed
UD/Grid Project   UD Teams  
UBERO UBERO Members UBERO Teams US-Distributed
DIMES DIMES Members DIMES Teams US-Distributed

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